Roadly Analytics solutions

Roadly Analytics is a video analytics system for detecting events, dangerous and potentially dangerous situations (accidents, abandoned objects, fire, smoke, etc.); counting objects (pedestrians, vehicles), analyzing the situation (control of sterile zones, search for deviations, etc.) and technical monitoring.
  • Vehicles counting and classification
    Detection and counting of vehicles are implemented on the basis of a complex of neural networks optimized for running on a CPU or GPU.
  • Accidents detection
    The Roadly system allows you to quickly detect the facts of an accident and notifies the operator of the need to act according to the instructions.
  • Vehicle ALPR, make/model and color recognition
    Roadly ALPR is a highly accurate license plate recognition technology able to work with any surveillance camera in all kinds of challenging conditions. It also recognizes the color of the vehicle and the condition of the headlights.
  • Face recognition
    A system developed for human face recognition in photo, video recording and video surveillance systems.
  • Technical monitoring
    A set of solutions for monitoring the availability and quality changes of the incoming video stream. Solutions recognize all major problems and allow you to quickly fix them.
  • Sterile area control
    Sterile zone is an area where the appearance of objects (people, animals, vehicles) is not allowed. Roadly allows you to automatically register such objects in sterile areas.
  • Fire and smoke detection
    Traditional smoke detectors do not always work timely and accurately. Today, such detectors are being replaced by smart analytics systems.
  • Animal detection
    Danger for vehicles on high-speed highways can be represented by animals that have entered the roadway. Timely detection of animals allows you to minimize the risk of an accident.
  • Crowd detection
    Accumulation of people or vehicles can be a signal to take action. Despite the large number of situations in which such a congestion is possible, Roadly video analytics effectively recognizes them and creates automatic notifications.
  • Pedestrians detection and counting
    The appearance of moving objects (pedestrians) in areas where their movement is prohibited can cause an emergency or traumatic situation. In addition, the presence of strangers in protected areas is an alarming signal. Roadly identifies these incidents and generates instant alerts so you can take action in a timely manner.
  • Traffic in a prohibited direction
    Driving into the oncoming lane or driving in a prohibited direction, including on one-way roads, is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Improving safety is possible by identifying the facts of such movement and taking timely measures.
  • Average speed decrease detection
    Determination of the average speed of the traffic flow allows you to recognize the threat of congestion and traffic difficulties in advance. If the average speed falls regularly, this may also mean that the capacity of the road is insufficient. Identification and analysis of such cases allow timely measures to be taken to eliminate the causes of impeded traffic.
  • Detection of dropped and abandoned objects
    A foreign object in the lane is always a potential cause of dangerous situations. Both large and small objects can lead to an accident, because not all drivers respond to obstacles on time and correctly. Roadly allows you to quickly identify dropped and abandoned items and improve road safety.
  • Vehicle stop detection
    Stopping the vehicle in places where it is prohibited can cause an accident or a traffic jam. Roadly allows you to detect stopped vehicles and notifies the operator about this.
  • Traffic jam detection
    Identification of congestion is one of the key tasks of optimizing traffic in a modern city. Congestion detection allows you to take timely action and prevent significant traffic disruptions even during peak hours.