Roadly's technology is based on low-cost consumer-grade devices, crowdsourced data collection, computer vision, and AI. Our approach requires a minimal level of supervision.
The modern automotive industry requires 3D maps with up-to-date informationabout road features.

For years, these maps were created with LIDAR-laser scannersthat were very expensive and required a lot of manual labor to operate.
Next-generation mapping
HD & ADAS mapping platform
Roadly's platform helps build HD maps and provide rich data for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
The platform enables crowdsourced data harvesting, or using the data from your fleet's camera footage
We generate 3D maps with inch-level accurate geometric and rich semantic properties
Old vs newly-constructed bridge and guardrails
Low-cost solution for continuous maintenance and real-time updates for HD maps at scale using crowdsourcing.
Map updates
& change detection
AR experience example
Relocalization and AR navigation based on HD map
Robust relocalization in different conditions within seconds based on a previously collected HD map
AR-enabled driving experience
to reduce drivers' cognitive load
Situational awareness is enhanced by warning drivers of hazards on the road: speed limits, curves, downhill slopes, speed bumps, etc
New revenue streams from AR experiences for infotainment systems/navigation
Road assets can be added to the system with a few clicks
Objects on the maps have both geometric and semantic properties
Spatial data from dense point clouds empower our AI algorithms to refine semantic masks to the highest level of accuracy
The semantic segmentation and data labeling pipeline is continuously improved by processing new video footage
Highly-automated data labeling with unsupervised semantic segmentation
A scalable approach to the road assessment
With a video from a regular smartphone or dashboard camera, Roadly allows tracking and evaluating of road features, including traffic signs, lane markings, street lights, and guardrails
Road features extraction & asset inspection
Roadly's asset inspection module enables change detection and condition reports
Road surface quality and pavement condition data from our platform can empower the car suspension control feature
The granularity of the digital twin is unmatched
Our platform can create digital twins for AV simulations.

This exercise helps ensure
that AV will behave predictably
in even the most challenging scenarios.
Road test digital twinfor AV simulations
Insurers can accurately and competitively price consumers, better predict risks, improve loss ratio, and motivate behavior change
Our platform's AI monitors driver behavior and driving quality from both dashcam video and previously collected HD mapping data
Driver behavior monitoring is a vital part of efficient fleet management. Fleet-tracking dashboard cameras can help improve driving safety significantly
Score drivers' safety based on HD map insights
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