NYS DOT: guardrails inventory

The task

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) was unsure of the exact current location and condition of their guardrails.

NYS DOT was looking to test alternative asset management data collection techniques as manual inventory would be time-intensive and require many man-hours, and LiDAR-based solutions were too costly.
The solution
In 2021, the NYS DOT initiated a pilot project, partnering with Roadly to develop the artificial intelligence solution.

We have identified updates in the guardrail inventory database for the Route 73 in Essex County using a video imagery collected with Roadly collection app and conflated existing asset inventory data.

The outcome
This successful pilot was approved for rolling out for all counties within NY state.

Thanks to the partnership with Roadly, NYSDOT was able to:
  • Streamline the process of inspecting and mapping their assets to get updates on a frequent basis;
  • Get full asset data on the mileage posts and guardrails, locate the assets and identify which of the assets were in poor condition and needed to be removed and replaced;
  • Prepare budget and schedule for repairs and replacements;
  • Enable tremendous cost savings on data collection and achieve higher accuracy compared to other vendors.