PCI inspection

Cost-effective and efficient evaluation of the road conditions, ensuring safety and extending roads' lifespan.
5 miles of the PCI inspection
are included in our FREE TRIAL!
Receive a comprehensive evaluation of a sample road segment, complete with detailed analysis of its condition.
The PCI (Pavement Condition Index) is determined based on various statistics of the defects and damage present in a sample section of a road. This index is influenced by the quantity of defects observed, their level of severity, and the relevant measurement metrics (such as length, width, or area).

Our AI has been trained to recognize different types of damage and their level of severity according to the "Distress Identification Manual for the Long-Term Pavement Performance Program." Linear measurements are performed by our visual-based algorithm from input frames.

Save time and money

with smartphone road inspections

  • Easily gather and track pavement data with AI technology
  • Streamline inspection process and reduce manual assessments
  • Enhance efficiency with accurate and up-to-date road condition information
  • Improve road safety and address issues promptly
Roadly case studies
Minnesota DOT: traffic signs inventory
City of Nashville DOT: pavement inspection
Efficient way to monitor your road networks
  • Receive an objective road assessment with PCI (pavement condition index) in less than 1 month
  • Facilitate both capital planning and day-to-day road inspection
  • Identify streets due for maintenance and repairs and prioritize work
  • Decide on the maintenance and repair strategies
  • Improve annual budgeting and communicate budget needs to city council using Roadly’s data
  • Integrate data with current GIS and work order system
Make data-driven decisions with AI-powered road inspection
We use machine learning to rate road conditions, making the data objective, and more cost-effective and faster than traditional inspection methods. Roadly provides near real-time analytics that measures, identifies and tracks road issues detected on a roadway, including their GPS coordinates.

  • Visually plan out the repair route with respect to the number of incidents and severity.
  • Dispatch your crews to directly to resolve incidents detected by Roadly using the Roadly web-based map.
How it works
Data collection and videos are uploaded to the cloud by the city
Roadly's solution detects the pavement distresses and precisely localizes them in 3D using our SLAM engine
The final data is delivered based on the subscription model – daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly

Roadly’s setup process

Roadly can be installed in minutes without any permanent

modifications to your vehicle.

  • Affordable to Install
    Installing Roadly typically takes less than 10 minutes and can be done under any budget
  • Easy to operate
    Operating Roadly is as easy as launching the app and driving
  • FREE trial
    We value your time, which is why we allow government users to try Roadly on a risk free basis without any commitments
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