AI for smart cities and intelligent transportation

Automate processes, reduce risks and reaction times
Problems we solve
Roadly Analytics is a video analytics system for detecting events, dangerous and potentially dangerous situations (accidents, abandoned objects, fire, smoke, etc.); counting objects (pedestrians, vehicles), analyzing the situation (control of sterile zones, search for deviations, etc.) and technical monitoring.
  • Reduction of the required

    staff of operators

  • Reduction of reaction time

    to important events

  • Automated statistics

    collection and analysis

  • Minimizing the risk of missing

    important events

  • Optimization of event search

    in the archive

  • Prevention of dangerous


Detection and monitoring

Vehicles counting and classification
Detection and counting of vehicles are implemented on the basis of a complex of neural networks optimized for running on a CPU or GPU.
Accidents detection
The Roadly system allows you to quickly detect the facts of an accident and notifies the operator of the need to act according to the instructions.
Vehicle ALPR, make/model and color recognition
Roadly ALPR is a highly accurate license plate recognition technology able to work with any surveillance camera in all kinds of challenging conditions. It also recognizes the color of the vehicle and the condition of the headlights.
How It Works
Data processing

Management (VMS)

Multipurpose solution
Computer vision and AI used in video surveillance systems makes it possible to solve tasks in automatic mode without human participation (either with human verification or in totally automated mode).

Technology is used both to ensure security and to improve business efficiency in transportation, smart cities, warehouses, retail and many other spheres.
  • Automation of access control systems (SKD)
  • Tracking objects
  • Detection and recognition of situations
  • Object recognition in difficult conditions
  • Classification and identification of objects

Get more done with Roadly

Our software is designed to prevent and provide a quick response in case of negative events, minimize their consequences, to improve the efficiency of security services, while you can concentrate on other important business tasks.

  • High accuracy
    “out of the box”
  • Quality can be improved
    after retraining
  • Flexible fine tuning